Great thought leaders see possibility everywhere.

Let us introduce you to an artist and musician who sees musical potential in a very unlikely place.

Image: Ken Butler's work turning trash into musical instruments

Source: Ken Butler // Facebook

Ken Butler is an artist and a musician who has been turning trash into musical instruments since 1978. He has made instruments out of everything from axes to shovels, combs to golf clubs.

His ability to find instruments in the things most people would see as junk is remarkable and even a little awe-inspiring.

Here is a wonderful interview from Great Big Story with Butler to learn more about why and how he does what he does!

Great Big Story is a fantastic creator whose content always leaves you with positivity and inspiration. Check them out here!

Ken Butler is a remarkable champion for possibility.

Artists, creators, and thinkers like him remind us to look at the world in broader terms, to question our assumptions, and constantly seek out potential.

In his own words:

“A the real core of what I’m doing is to communicate that the things right around them can be magical and transformative, and even spiritual”

Thought leaders like Butler are a wonderful reminder of what makes this world so amazing.

We are capable of boundless creativity, and most importantly that creativity can be transformative, and influential to others.

Similar to how Ken is turning trash into musical instruments, there are many other ways to turn trash into something reusable!

Here at EWC, we love to celebrate thought leaders, like Ken Butler, that push boundaries and horizons. They are the ones holding the torch for our brighter, more inspired future.

So, thank you, Ken, for the work you do!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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