No matter our differences, we can find a connection in the traditions that bring joy, beauty, and happiness to the people that celebrate them.

On this installment of Saturdays Around the World, we head to Steppe, Western Mongolia. There, a nomadic group of Kazakhs still practice the centuries-old tradition of hunting with the help of golden eagles.

The Burkitshi, the Eagle Hunters, are few in number, but their cultural legacy is remarkable.

Today, we share with you a beautiful and up-close look at the Burkitshi tradition and their beloved eagles. This remarkable short film from GoPro captures the unique perspective of the hunters and their eagles, as they carry on their legacy and pass it on to the next generation.

Sit back, and enjoy!

Via: GoPro 1

A Look Behind the Scenes

Whenever I see something beautiful like this I always wonder: what goes on behind the camera to create something that incredible?

Luckily, for this amazing adventure, there is an equally as jaw-dropping behind the scenes GoPro video to accompany it. I will openly admit there were some parts I found so beautiful I was brought to tears.

Via: GoPro 2

There is so much to appreciate about both of these videos. The first is a beautiful, visual archive of a tradition that has been passed down for centuries but is now only practiced by 50 or 60 remaining hunters. While the second is full of the emotions that connect us across cultures. The look on the hunter’s face when he sees for the first time his eagle’s perspective in the hunt is simply moving.

Connecting with cultures dissimilar to our own can be difficult, but we can find commonality in the fundamental emotions that bind us all. Celebrating the joys, the beauty, and the happiness of others reminds us of our deeply rooted similarities.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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