Say you are writing the next summer box office hit. How do you make sure your science is up to par?

Well, why not ask some real scientists?

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We’ve probably all watched a movie where the science or physics seemed a little faulty or hard to believe, and this is where the Science & Entertainment Exchange comes in. The Exchange is a program of the National Academy of Sciences. Their mission is not only to make sure that the science in films is accurate, but to help build storylines that portray scientists in a diverse and positive light.

This marriage of entertainment and science is helping to reshape public knowledge and understanding of science through the unlikely medium of major motion pictures!

One of our favorite YouTube channels, Vox, explains.

Via: Vox 1

This is a perfect example of how forging connections between seemingly disparate fields can have a broad and positive impact!

I think a line from the Science & Entertainment Exchange’s website expresses this sentiment beautifully:

“Science is imaginative, and creative; it brings new possibilities to light. At its best, science is an adventure, an ongoing search for what is new and engaging. And in both film and television, the compelling nature of science is shaping storylines.” 2

It’s easy to forget how easily the things we learn from television and film–positive and negative, fact or fiction–can make it into our reality.

It makes perfect sense then that adding the voices of real scientists to the writers’ room is important. Like anything, we get a richer and more accurate portrayal of characters when the people writing for them come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences!

Collaborations like the Science & Entertainment Exchange remind me that our collective future is headed in the right direction.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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