“Societies get sensitive to the things they are missing.”

Maybe that simple statement explains the upheaval we are presently going through in the world. And maybe children’s drawings can teach us what we are missing and searching for.

Image: A child's drawing of a colorful happy town

Source: Pixabay

Today we point you to a profound short video created by a novel company in London – The School of Life – that is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. It looks like an innovative way to give people the tools to cope with modern life! Without dogma, they direct people towards a variety of ideas from the humanities – from philosophy to literature, psychology to the visual arts.

Best of all, it looks like they are taking common problems and asking better questions to solve them.

We’re going to show you one way of thinking about the turmoil we find in society. I sensed some profound insights in this short piece. And best of all, we have only to look at our children’s drawings to carry these insights with us daily!

Take a look!

It’s so true: to be successful in today’s world you have to be exceptionally controlled and cautious. This means surrendering most of what makes childhood joyful.

Can we find more time to disconnect from the rat race, from our technology, from our to-do list? Can we make time to be gleefully unconcerned about the true facts in the world; time to play and create?

Back to our quote “Societies get sensitive to the things they are missing.”  Are we missing the opportunity to be carefree, for at least a short time every day?

Maybe that’s at the back of my mind as I write these articles every day for Ever Widening Circles (EWC).

Among many things, I hope that when people visit us here at EWC, they can find time to exhale and become a dreamer right along with the innovators we feature. Maybe after leaving the website, you carry out into your day a sense that anything is possible; just like the mind of a child holding a crayon.

It’s still an amazing world!

Stay open, curious and optimistic.

~ Dr. Lynda

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