Did you know that 80 million years ago, Kansas would have been the seafloor in the middle of an inland ocean, 1000 miles (1600 km.) wide.

Scientists can read the history of geologic time in the rocks of the American west and what they find there looks like an open book.

For every one foot thick layer of rock, scientists can peer back in time 8,400 years, so the towering rock formations in the Black Hills and the Badlands, can take us back millions of years when we study their composition and content.

Today, we put many pieces of the puzzle together. If you have a little knowledge when it comes to dinosaurs and very little when it comes to Earth’s changing geology, then our video share will bring many of the threads of knowledge together.

Following the train of thought through today’s video share may give you one “ah-ha” moment after another!

Now here’s why so many dinosaur bones found in North America tells a story:

Via: NOVA 1

As always, we have a remarkably interesting video there from the people at NOVA and PBS. That is just one segment of a larger project that we really enjoyed, so I encourage you to snuggle up with your laptop some time and start from the beginning of NOVA’s series called Making North America.

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