Wiggle Your Ears and You’re a Natural History Museum!

Posted on February 23, 2017 by Dr. Lynda

Can you curl your tongue or wiggle your ears? Were you naturally missing wisdom teeth, or are you lactose intolerant?

All of those things are signs that we are constantly evolving, just like the world around us!

Image: Sculptures of evolution of man against a forest background
Source: possan // Flickr

Some might find that assertion a bit frightening, given that we tend to want to think our current physical state is the tops, the coliseum.

But if we take the 10,000-foot look, life in all it’s forms is just a continuum; an endless series of variations on a theme, and we are always in the process of “becoming.” Just like the fish that eventually climbed up onto dry land, and the green algae that eventually became a mighty redwood tree, every form of life is endlessly adapting to new conditions, and so are we.

If you can get comfortable with that notion and settle into the wonder of it all, there are some pretty neat ways our own bodies still carry traits that are vestiges of our past.

So today’s EWC article is about the pure wonder of it all and how our own bodies demonstrate where we came from!

Here’s an insightful and fun look at how our bodies are like walking natural history museums. Take a look:


Via: Vox 1

Fabulous fun there!

Want to put your current problems into perspective? Consider them in the scope of eternity by just touching your thumb and pinky fingers like the test at the opening of the video. That’s a sign of your inner lemur, and he had his own problems swinging in the tree tops!

Problems will come and go. Most of us will find a way forward, gain a little wisdom for the next challenge. Then, sure enough, another problem will seem to break us. But then it won’t. We’ll keep adapting, getting smarter, and on it will go.

I suspect the next few years may demand that we learn to embrace the struggle a bit.

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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