Sometimes, to fully appreciate the remarkable forces of this planet, we must find a way to quietly stand in awe of them.

Let us introduce you to an artist who is capturing images of Lake Erie’s liquid mountains, one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring and beautiful forces.

Meet Dave Sandford, a professional photographer from Ontario, Canada. Over the past few years, he has been heading out into the frigid waters of Lake Erie to photograph the stunningly elegant violence and grace of its waters.

His breathtaking photographs of these liquid peaks are a beautiful reminder of our planet’s extraordinary power.

For more on Dave’s work, here is a phenomenal channel that’s definitely worth checking out when you’re done here today: Great Big Story.

Dave Sandford’s work reminds us that nature is a powerful and astonishing force. It can never be tamed, and it does not belong to us.

To be in awe of our planet is to fully appreciate it’s richness and beauty. If ever we need a reminder of why it’s still an amazing world, we need to look no further than the natural world outside our door waiting to be explored, cherished, and preserved.

Whether we are marveling at its waters, exploring its depths, or simply admiring the beauty in our own backyard, this planet is full of endless wonders. Earth has the ability to endlessly reset our sense of awe. Luckily, we have artists like Dave to help us do so.

Make sure you check out Dave’s website for more of his beautiful photography, and keep up with him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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