It’s not often we come across something that works perfectly for animals, inmates, and communities, but here’s an example of how innovative thinking can create a wonderful balance.

Most of us thrive on a feeling of purpose.

We all know it, yet we tend to create systems that ignore the importance of meaning in our lives or the lives of others. Such is the case with our modern prison system.

Today on Saturdays Around the World, Ever Widening Circles points you to a unique project that changes lives, both inside and outside the prison system. It provides a loving home for abandoned animals, a place for inmates to practice compassion, and it forms a bridge between the community and their local jail.

“Common sense innovation” doesn’t get much better than this folks! Those familiar with the creator of this video, Great Big Story, know that they produce some awesome content that always leaves you feeling a little more uplifted and thoughtful. They have a ton of great content, but when I stumbled across the video I’m sharing with you today, I knew it was something we ALL could benefit from. Take a look!

Once again we thank Great Big Story for bringing us a story of innovation that could be a model around the country. (They are doing amazing work! Check them out!)

If you are new to the website here at Ever Widening Circles (EWC), you’ll know we point you to sources like Great Big Story because the 24-hour news cycle rarely seems to find time to celebrate any of the positive things happening in the world. We have over 1000 articles like this to prove it is still an amazing world.

Now when I see a great innovation like this concept, I just can’t leave it there. I’m left with so many questions.

To fill in some of the gaps, here is a piece done by CGTN America that expands the story even further.

What an unusual and inspiring idea! I loved stumbling upon this.

This one really reminded me that it’s time to start choosing what we let color our worldview. We can turn off the talking heads on the news and start being careful about what gets our precious attention.

Thought leaders in every field – science, the arts, technology, conservation, sports – are out there creating projects that really would change the dialogue about the future. We feature one every day here at Ever Widening Circles!

Visit us every day until you feel refreshed about the world, and then repeat daily.

Avoid all sources of bias, fear, and anger for one week.

Stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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