Phil Hansen: Making the Extraordinary Look Easy

Posted on February 16, 2017 by Dr. Lynda

Do you know a creative person who can often make something wonderful, out of nothing? These people are often making the extraordinary look easy.

Image: Portrait of a young black boy on a collage of Starbucks paper cups
Source: Phil Hansen Art

They also seem to have the ability to create things that connect to almost every one of us.

Such is the case with today’s EWC Thought-Leader, Phil Hansen. His work seems at first slightly nutty and aimless until it suddenly isn’t, and then you can’t help but let out a  gasp of wonder!

Let’s take a look at Phil having a smashing good time, and then see what materializes! (Be patient. This goes on a little while before the magic materializes!)

Amazing work there. So strange, yet wonderful.

I’d take his advice at the end of that video. You do have so many things to explore over at his website at Phil Hansen Art, and his other videos over on the PhilintheCircle YouTube channel are just as compelling.

I can personally recommend two very short videos: Van Gough and Selected Stories, and not to be missed is the Trump Portrait made from 38 pounds of bacon.

And do we celebrate these kinds of thinkers enough?

People like this are rare, but they are in every field.

There’s a way to spot them easily: they are the people who make excellence look easy.

They often seem to be careening through time, leaving surprising wonder in their wake. But the most important thing about the best creative people is that they are often so approachable that they inspire us to have a wack at our own novel ideas.

Image: Making the Extraordinary look Easy: A sculpture of a woman made of kitchen supplies
Source: Dr. Lynda Ulrich, Self-Portrait in Kitchen Stuff

And why is Phil’s work smashing record albums important?

Maybe it points to a whole new process for innovation. Maybe there are some discoveries, new combinations, or even “happy accidents” just waiting to happen if we embraced a little mayhem and deconstruction!

What might you and I smash or bring together to create something out of nothing? And what might a group of creative people come up with?

The great thing about thinking outside-the-box is that it can be a neutral ground for us all no matter our background.

So, take a moment appreciate the creative people in your life who make the extraordinary look easy. Maybe they are family, friends, co-workers, dentists, nurses, or teachers. It’s a wonderful reminder of how we can build and create this amazing world together!

Oh! And do not miss Phil Hansen’s TED Talk in our article called Embracing Our Limitations. It’s all about how he was forced to find his unique niche in art because he developed a critical disability! This is an amazing talk.

Stay open, curious and optimistic

~ Dr. Lynda


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