In a busy world, finding the perfect mate can be much more complicated than it was in the good ole’ days. Now, online dating sites seem the logical first step, but can we improve our odds there?

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Turns out we can! So today we’ll learn about some of the best tips on that.

We’ll also learn about the story of a true computer geek, who, with some time on his hands, hacked OkCupid with hilarious results!

Here’s a true story with all the elements: hardship, ingenuity leading to a bigger than expected payoff, humor, and a happy ending.

Relax and enjoy this marvelous podcast (Moth Radio is always a delight) to make your Valentine’s Day a little brighter, no matter where you are in your relationship journey.

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Hacking OkCupid!

Now that’s a head-shaking laugh, isn’t it? People are so darn creative.

Important Tips for Improving Online Dating

As you may know, here at Ever Widening Circles we are all about improving credibility on the web. (We only use professionally respected sources.) So I looked into this topic of improving our odds with online dating services and of course, there is an avalanche of links with that google search. After I dug into some, I found most nearly worthless and without any credibility.

The best advice I found came from three sources that stake their reputation on the seriousness of their content every day. Not surprisingly, their articles had the most insightful “ah-ha” moments.

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So here are the three I found that are worth our valuable time:

  1. There’s a very nice article in Psychology Today Magazine which has been a respected source for decades. This article is really different from all the others I stumbled upon because instead of listing the do’s and do not’s, it focuses on how to think about the process.
  2. Then I found a really interesting article in TIME Magazine online with some very practical things to consider. These tips were VERY insightful!For those of you in the business world, a great article in Business Insider Magazine online will polish any rough edges that the first two neglected to mention. (I’d start with this article. ) Business Insider is a very large internationally respected source for all things business. There’s no fluff in this article.

So there you have it! A little fun today and some solid insights from trusted sources.

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