Experience the Remarkable Sapporo Snow Festival!

Posted on February 11, 2017 by Dr. Lynda

When we think of snow festivals, I’m not sure most of us would immediately conjure images of ramen noodles and snow crabs grilled in butter, but it turns out the Sapporo Japan Snow Festival has it all!

Image: Giant snow sculpture of eagles at Sapporo Snow Festival
Source: SteFou! // Flickr

Today on EWC Saturday’s Around the World  we take you to a place where culture meets snow, and we can enjoy another perspective on how to celebrate winter!

Let’s visit a very unique part of Japan with one of our favorite guides to that amazing culture, John Daub, from the YouTube channel called Only In Japan. He has lived in Japan for over 20 years and has a terrific way of giving us a very authentic, complete experience!

Throughout the video he gives us a good idea of how much things cost, and at the time we wrote this article, 500 Yen came out to be about $4.00. You can do the math from there on the things he mentions.


I love how John gives us the whole picture.

Want to get an even better look at the scope of the snow sculptures?

Let’s go out on this video with more details of their work:

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Image: Collage of EWC pics

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