Imagine you are taking a walk in the woods, all around you hear birds singing, crickets chirping, you can hear the animals of the forest communicating. So, what if I told you the trees were communicating too?

Yes, there is a whole network of communication happening right beneath your feet carried on the ‘wood-wide web’, an internet of fungus.

Image: Mushrooms on the forest floor

Source: cafuego // Flickr

Similar to our manmade internet, forests are “wired” together, in this case with fungus.

We are still in search of what this kind of network could do to improve conservation efforts and even agricultural practices. Even so, this internet of fungus is yet another incredible example of how interconnected our world is!

Here’s an EWC favorite channel, Gross Science, with more!

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Connections happen on this planet in almost unfathomable ways, and the wood-wide web is just one example of how little we understand about how the world around us functions.

Sometimes, I like to think about the ways in which our fundamental understanding of the world around us will shift in the next fifty or one hundred years. Where will we be? What “truths” will we look back on and find laughable as our knowledge continues to grow?

It’s exciting to ponder what lies ahead. There are limitless possibilities for discovery. Whether we turn to nature, innovation, or art, we are only beginning to explore and grow our potential. In the future, who knows what we will know of the internet of fungus, but we can be assured that it will leave us looking at the world with a little more wonder!

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