What would you do if you could memorize anything?

That sounds like a big task, but it’s actually not an impossible one!

Yes, all of us have a superpower just waiting to be unlocked, like anything we just have to learn how to use it.

Do I have you intrigued?

One of the most well-known ways to access the incredible ways to hack memory is using something called a “memory palace.” The idea might sound a little strange, but using a memory palace you can turn words into a series of memorable images that make it easier to retrieve information.

So, after a few steps and a little practice, becoming a memory master is within your reach!

For more on how to make your own memory palace here’s Vox, a great creator whose website you can find here.

Via: Vox 1

Okay, so this isn’t an instant way to become the memory genius that blows everybody away, but it is a great start!

Whether or not you decide to start in on your own memory palace, I think it’s worth taking the time to appreciate how incredible it is that our mind is capable of learning how to memorize anything!

There is limitless possibility waiting to be tapped in the space between our ears. Each of us walks around with one of the most complex pieces of evolutionary hardware all the time! If ever we forget how amazing this world can be we need to look no further than our own brains.

So, go out, learn something new, and while you’re at it try storing it in your memory palace just for fun!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


Need something new for your memory palace?

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