Have you ever noticed that the best innovations are often created by people who put several things together that no one ever thought to combine?

These are the ideas that always seem like a stroke of genius, but often in retrospect, they feel like obvious connections someone should have made much sooner!

Image: Guard dogs, a chicken and a clutch of penguins being eyed by a fox

Sources: Dogs: Warnnambool City Council // Flickr // Penguins: Wikipedia // Fox: Wikimedia // Chicken: Wikimedia

That’s the case for the genius in the success that Ever Widening Circles (EWC) points you to today. This one really brings a smile and makes one say, “What other simple solutions are out there, just waiting for someone to put two and two together!

Let’s get right to this wonderful convergence of old-school expertise and innovative thinkers from Bondi Vet.

Via: Bondi Vet 1

So “timing and perseverance” is the key!

We’ll need a lot of that in the coming decades to solve the problems that the negative news cycle overwhelms us with every day.

But this is one example to show there’s still so much to be optimistic about!

I was still curious about the details to this story of success. Let’s dig in a little further with Behind the News for more of the back story and find out how new puppies will be brought on board to keep this effort going:

Fabulous! Brings such a smile.

Now if you are the “give me the facts” sort of person, you might want to finish today’s article with a taste of the actual science and community support behind this effort. In the end, that is where all sorts of innovations of the future will have to find their footing.

Maybe there is a problem in your community that could use a little “outside of the box” thinking?

Finally, a great look at how the locals nurtured this project into success by participating in the science. This next great video from Warrnambool City is a little lower quality, but it’s important and closes the loop on where we started today’s article. Enjoy!

A lovely example of possibility here today.

If you love dogs, you can learn much more about their instinct to herd and partner with humans in this article!

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Stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

Could this kind of thinking save other endangered species?

As a matter of fact, we’ve found plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the answer to that question. We’ve collected an entire category where you’ll find more stories of human ingenuity beginning to turn the tide in favor of the natural world!

Animals at EWC

Want to continue this train of thought?

If you want, stay with this innovation through common sense theme, take a look at this article:

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It’s another great connection that someone might have made sooner, but two thought-leaders made the leap! It’s just as inspiring and intuitive as today’s insights.

Now to stay even longer with this “thought leader” concept I recommend you to go directly to an article that I consider one of the best-hidden gems on this website. Kick back and listen to one of my most favorite pieces and it shows how great minds work in a “problem solving” mode almost all the time.

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If you want to get a better idea of the scope of our project here at EWC, head to our homepage to scroll down there!



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