Skateboarding for Peace in Afghanistan

Posted on February 5, 2017 by Dr. Lynda

Every day here at Ever Widening Circles we prove this is still an amazing world, and the innovators who do that best often connect things that no one ever thought to combine!

Image: Young skateboarding girl jumping in front of an ancient monument
Source: Skateistan

Well, today’s featured thought leader has taken that concept to new heights.

How many people would have considered that skateboarding is a past-time for peace in Afghanistan, and better yet, a passport to education for girls there?

Timing is everything, and I found that the most fascinating part of this story.

Image: Afghan girls walking with skateboards
Source: Skateistan

You see, no one had ever brought skateboards to Afghanistan, so there were no well-established social rules or taboos about women and girls using skateboards. Oliver Percovich had found that loophole, and when the movement caught on quickly, the norms organized around the most extraordinary sharing of time and space.

The details of this story remind me to put the negative narratives about the world in perspective. This one is a game-changer.

It’s difficult to explain and the story is far too important for me to jabber on about. Let’s get to today’s video which just blew our EWC team’s socks off!

What a wonderful kind of pied-piper, in a place where good people would recognize and embrace new ideas in leadership and possibility.

I think this story says so much about the wonderful humanity that exists in war-weary places like Afghanistan, especially because they relentlessly receive so much bad press.

Here’s another fabulous little video-share to deepen our appreciation for what we all share with these people of hope and smiling faces.

And lastly, one of my favorite parts of this story is the connection that seems to spring so organically within the skateboarding community all over the world. Almost all skateboarders seem to be protecting “the right to play,” which I never considered needed defending.

In this last video-share, we see the team in action, hear their stories, and watch them building confidence and community from a foundation of trust.

Wonderful stuff here! Take a look…

Check out the Skateistan website and see the award-winning international projects connecting skateboarding with education now doing Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa. This is really thinking outside the box with amazing results.

Got an idea, a passion, and a purpose? Let Oliver Percovich’s story be your guide.

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Stay open, curious and optimistic. It’s still an amazing world!

~ Dr. Lynda

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