OK GO: Wonders Revealed by Slooooowww Mooootionnnn

Posted on January 31, 2017 by Dr. Lynda

There are musicians who make music, and musicians who make moments: unforgettable kaleidoscopes of sound and visuals that form a historical backdrop for our times.

Image: Two OK Go band members flying through the air through paint splurting everywhere
Source: OK Go // YouTube

The band OK Go is certainly doing that now, with an enormous stable of video productions set to their songs. Their music videos are somehow more clever than most, by a long shot. They use the best in videography and contemporary artistic license to create pieces that would fascinate, even with the sound turned down!

No matter your taste in music, it would be hard to deny the compelling, brilliant wonder of the videos made by the band OK Go.  Have you seen their work in a zero gravity airplane, or with the enormous Rube Goldberg Machine?

Their music videos are mesmerizing and such clever use of what is possible that they point the way to great things for creative people who follow and then branch outward from OK Go’s starting point.

Just take a look at this bit of extraordinary vision:

Via: OK Go 1

You heard someone in the earliest part of the video asking, “Let me know when it’s safe?”  I suspect that safety is a relative term when working with people this far out on the edges of creative expression.

They are artists and innovators in every sense of those words. Check out OK Go’s many amazing YouTube videos, and keep their example in mind the next time you have to do something ordinary, that might be made even better by a little of the unexpected!

To see that Zero Gravity video (just as compelling as the one we shared today) check out our article called OK Go Does It Again!

Meanwhile stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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