How can we learn to appreciate the nature around us a little more?

As it happens, seeing a little more wonder in the world is actually quite easy. The first step, be curious.


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The second step, take a moment to learn something new!

No really, it’s that simple! I can tell you from personal experience, it’s much more exciting to walk through the world knowing a little bit about a lot of things out there (not to mention you can drop fun facts on people ever now and then).

To get you started on this mission to find the world more wonderful, let’s start with a simple enough question:

“What is the difference between butterflies and moths?” Sure, you know they are different, but how are they different?

Are you curious yet? Good, now we can head to step two and learn something new!

For this part of the exercise, I will hand you over to one of my favorite YouTube Channels, The Brain Scoop, for the answer! You can find them here for more awesome content!

Congratulations! You are now armed with knowledge that makes your world a little more fascinating.

Okay, yes, this seems like a small piece of knowledge in an otherwise enormous world. Here’s the thing, though, you have to start small sometimes.

The great thing about curiosity is that it’s like a muscle. Once you start exercising it, the easier it becomes to use it! If once a day, you exercise your curiosity and learn something new that is one more reason to see the world as an amazing place, one more reason to celebrate its wonders.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


Let your curiosity flourish!

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