Sometimes, it’s the details we don’t even notice that make our world a richer place.

In the world of film, Foley artists are the masters of sound that make a visual medium come to life.

So what, exactly is a Foley artist?

Imagine your favorite scene from a movie, maybe a beautiful shot of an explorer making their way across the snow. Strip away the epic music and you are left with the sound of boots walking across the frozen tundra, maybe labored breathing, whipping winds, and the sound of their pack. Take away the work of the Foley artist and you are left with nothing, just a silent scene of a person walking the cold.

Foley artists are responsible for making the atmospheric sounds we hear in a film. From the faintest footsteps to raging hurricanes they make our visual world come alive using everything from paperclips to toilet plungers.

Great Big Story takes us behind the scenes into a Foley studio to explore this little-appreciated art form. Those familiar with Great Big Story know that they produce some awesome content that always leaves you feeling a little more uplifted and thoughtful. They’ve got lots of great content over there, so go check them out!

Going to the movies will certainly be a different experience for me from now on!

It’s details like those the Foley artists bring to the cinema that make our life so much richer. These under appreciated minutiae are all around us, and we should take more time to appreciate them.

Every time I learn a little more about the the world around me the more engaged I feel with it, and the more amazing it feels.

Take a moment to enjoy the marvelous details around you!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


A humorous bonus!

I saw this funny take on the world of the Foley Artist from NOWNESS a while back and thought this would be a good opportunity to share it! Enjoy!


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