If you’ve read the title of this article you probably have a decent idea of the question we are going to answer here: Why don’t woodpeckers get concussions?

Admittedly, this may seem like an odd, perhaps useless question, but ask yourself, why don’t they?

This question as a fun answer that doesn’t just leave you walking around a little smarter, it is also so pretty cool and fundamental science!

So here’s one of our favorite YouTube Channels, It’s Okay To Be Smart, with some answers for us…

Well there you have it, your daily factoid to leave you walking through the world a little more enlightened! If you’re after more like that, go check out It‘s Okay To Be Smart on YouTube. A dive into their content will leave you optimistic and full of new knowledge.

As a nature nerd and somebody who loves a good “fun fact,” I love knowing random facts like these. I have found since writing for EWC I find myself going through my day feeling happier because I know more about the world around me. I find I see more wonders of nature and approach people more openly. The world somehow feels more alive the more I know about it and can appreciate it.

I hope that you leave today with that same feeling. Maybe the next time you see a woodpecker and are with a friend you can share your new found knowledge, or maybe you just take a little more time to appreciate it. Whichever you choose, know that it’s still an amazing world because you have chosen to read this and be a little smarter than you were the day before!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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