Do we underestimate the capacity of kindness we have for strangers?

What happens when we use that kind of kindness to catalyze major, life-saving, change?


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For those waiting for a kidney donation, the kindness of a complete stranger can give them a new lease on life. For many, this is a difficult subject to talk about, but after watching today’s video you may have a different outlook on the process, it’s future, and how the kindness of a stranger can change everything!

Did you know that, according to a 2013 Mayo Clinic study, 49% of adults in the US would give a kidney to a stranger? 1 This isn’t just an uplifting statistic, it is also one that can have an enormous impact on thousands of lives.

For many people in need of a kidney transplant, they have a loved one eager to donate, unfortunately, much of the time these individuals are not good donor matches. Very often past this point, those in need of a kidney were placed on a waiting list and those willing to be a donor were sent home.

The video we are sharing you today shows how the kindness of strangers, paired with rethinking traditional methods of donation, has led to a new and brilliant way of giving people their lives back in a very tangible way. So without further ado, here’s the heartwarming video from The National Academies.

Maybe we shouldn’t underestimate the power of a stranger’s compassion?

We don’t have to donate organs to serve as reminders to each other that kindness is still a part of the world. We can pay a stranger’s loaf of bread forward, we can volunteer our time, we can do something as simple as giving somebody a smile and a compliment. These are the kinds of small acts of kindness that, if practiced daily, can have a major ripple effect.

Just like the daisy chain that is helping to save lives in kidney donation, our little acts of compassion can act as the catalyst for many more actions. You could say, your kindness could ripple out in ever-widening circles–see what I did there?

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