High Five for today’s TED speaker! She is giving us the power to spot a liar at a glance and disarm them in business, news, spirituality, politics, institutions, and leadership positions everywhere!

Here’s the best part: good lie spotters are not the nit-picky, know-it-alls who run around with a “Gotcha” agenda. They are the mature people, armed with scientific knowledge about how to spot deception.

Then they use that skill to get to the truth respectfully and have difficult conversations in order to move things forward.

This could be a useful and very positive skill to hone, along with three others we will share with you over the coming month!

Today we begin a four-part series we are calling EWC Smarter Every Sunday. For the first four Sundays of 2017, we will connect you to an insight that will change your entire year.  You’ll be wiser and know how to use that wisdom to make the world a little better place for both yourself and others.

The insights, examples, and stories in today’s video are a delight. It’s fun while being absolutely fascinating. I found myself laughing about occasions when I now know I was totally duped. But those days are gone now!

Have a sense of humor, while being expanded. TED Talks like this one are just phenomenal. TED, for those of you who don’t know, is a phenomenal platform where thought leaders can come and spread their ideas so that we may all come away a bit smarter and hopefully more optimistic. Check out our list of Must-See TED Talks here. Enjoy!

Via: TED 1

How’s that for too many “Ah-ha” moments to count! I’ve probably watched that video 4 times and always discover something I missed.

How can this change 2017 for us all?

Well, first we probably have to really study this video a few times to get all the tips Pamela Meyer is teaching us, and then we have to practice a bit.

And perhaps ask yourself: How would things be different in your workplace if you had some of these insights ten years ago? What about the last time you had to deal with a challenging teenager? What about the last time you were fooled by someone who took advantage of your good nature?

And how would things be different today if we had all been familiar with these lie-spotting techniques for the past 2 years?

All the name calling and accusations from both sides of our recent presidential election would have been moot points. We might all have just watched the body language and cues of the candidates for ourselves and not even needed the fact-checkers.

Image: Fantom limb in a mirror

Source: Golan Levin // Flickr

We can’t change the past, but we can watch this video a few times to nail down a few techniques and then go out into the next week practicing the art of noticing. (I used these tips for talking to a car salesman the other day and it was very entertaining!)

With the knowledge in the video, we can go from lie spotter to truth seeker to trust builder!

Stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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