What if we put our squabbling over politics and social issues aside, and got down to addressing the things we can celebrate: like the remarkable innovations on the horizon, preparing for powering our world in a whole new way! What are our real energy options?

We recently came across a video that lays out some pretty exciting technologies that are in very promising stages of development.

Best of all, even though the technologies seem revolutionary, they are fundamentally taking us away from dangerous dependencies and toward sources that we already enjoy in abundance.

Take these sheep, for example, being tested for their ability to produce methane gas…

Serious Future Energy Options

Source: Wikipedia

Just kidding. We’ll dive much deeper than collecting livestock flatulence!

First, let’s get serious: the era of burning fossil fuels as the primary source of power for our planet is waning. We can argue endlessly about scientist’s views on our role in a warming planet, but I don’t think we even need to go there today. In fact, we won’t even have to go there tomorrow if we just keep on following the trend already in place.

Clever innovators and entrepreneurs are coming up with better, safer and eventually less costly solutions. There’s just no reason to stick with a system that was discovered and developed at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the 17th century.

Hundreds of companies have been taking risks and making strides in order to put research into energy sources with efficiencies that put fossil fuels to shame.

Let’s take a look at some beautifully designed possibilities courtesy of the good people at the YouTube channel called The Daily Conversation:

Were you surprised to hear things like Nuclear fusion and Flying Wind Farms are on the table?

Here’s the three that impressed me the most:

  • Nuclear Fusion (potential is limitless)
  • Solar Windows now putting nuclear power plants in the gutter when it comes to efficiency.
  • Flying Wind Farms (bringing the internet and clean energy to places that couldn’t get it otherwise)

Looking for a little more information?

Here’s what I found with a little more research for us on two of them:

Nuclear Fusion and the harnessing of ocean power

These couple of projects alone are sufficient to make a fuss about. To begin with, the harnessing of ocean power has made massive leaps in engineering with the creation of tech that allows the machines to tap into 95% of the power of a single wave, rather than the typical 50% that wave-machines currently translate into energy. The Daily Conversation also mentions the development of “desalination” technology, which can be applied to current issues of drought around the world.

Many scientists predict that squabbling over water resources may someday soon replace our conflicts over oil. These desalinization innovations on the horizon may change the future of turmoils.

Now, for the true contender: Nuclear Fusion. This exceedingly impressive source of clean energy has been around for more than 50 years, but until recently has lacked the required time and advancement to make it a viable option. The cool part: Nuclear Fusion puts out more energy than it takes to produce that energy, and, thanks to MIT, those days of may now be a thing of the past. MIT’s Alcator C-Mod reactor has been continually setting records for plasma pressure for the 23 years that it’s been in operation, and it’s just set a new one; reaching over 2 atmospheres of pressure for the first time.

More can be read at MIT’s website.

Another true achievement of Nuclear Fusion is that it may get world leaders talking again. The United States of America, Russia, China, and the European Union don’t often get along, but when it comes to finding ways to keep the ice in the poles, fusion has them collaborating; a prospect that entails a better future for us all.

Thanks for considering possibility with us today at Ever Widening Circles.

Stop by tomorrow for another article that proves this is still an amazing world!

~ Derek

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