Think about it, at any given time we are just one experiment away from perspective shifting discovery. See the way the discovery of microorganisms changed the way we look at the world.

We are all one better question away from our view of the world around us being changed completely.

Sometimes to be excited for a future of discovery we cannot even imagine, we have to look back at groundbreaking discoveries of the past to celebrate the yet undiscovered possibilities out there!

A marvelous example of this kind of perspective shifting breakthrough is the discovery of microorganisms. Take a moment to think about it. Before 1674 a whole swath of life on this planet was completely unknown!

Imagine what it was like to discover a world of “unseeable” life all around you!

For more on this fascinating story here’s Vox. If you haven’t discovered Vox, yet, it’s really worth diving into!

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On the edge of discovery…

Think about how baffling a discovery of this nature would have been then. Suddenly to learn there is an entire world beyond our vision.

At any given moment we, too, are on the verge of these kinds of perspective shifting discoveries. From the discovery of dark matter to the detection of gravitational waves, we are living in a remarkable age of discovery with new breakthroughs right on the horizon.

With the prospect of perspective shifting knowledge hovering so closely we have no other option but to be optimistic about the future. We need not live in fear of what will come next. Instead, we can see the world in terms of possibility and curiosity.

So, the next time you hear something that shifts your perspective a little, take it as a gentle nudge to investigate it further and expand your own understanding of this amazing world!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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