Ghosts in the Night: How Owls Fly Silently

Posted on January 4, 2017 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

The natural world is filled with creatures that baffle us with their remarkable adaptations honed after millions of years of evolution.

The graceful, silent flight of the owl is an enchanting example of evolution’s artistry.

Image: Owl in flight answering how owls fly silently
Source: Kristina Servant // Flickr

If you have ever startled an owl in the woods or seen one in flight, you will have probably noticed two things. First how silent these birds can be. Unlike the birds crowding the average birdfeeder, they seem to float through the air. Second, you may have admired the grace with which it moved through the air, its wing seeming to effortlessly keep it airborne.

It turns out, this silent grace is exactly what makes the owl a phenomenal predator and why these adaptations have been so perfectly honed.

So, how does an owl pull off these remarkable feats? Here’s BBC Earth to show us more…

Via: BBC Earth 1

The owl’s remarkable and silent flight goes beyond mere mechanics, though. Every detail of the owl’s wings is perfectly adapted to help it whisper through the air.

Via: Deep Look 2

We share this planet with so many remarkable creatures. From the very small, to the very large, to the very strange, each as evolved to fit its own unique niche in the world. Honed over millions of years, their adaptations make up Earth’s rich tapestry of life.

Time, evolution, and nature are the greatest designers and engineers out there. There is no funding, no research and development lab that could out do the billions of iterations nature has created over the years.

Whether we learn about nature simply to stand in awe of it, or to find inspiration for the next great scientific breakthrough, there is always more to learn.

The more we seek out the things that make this world remarkable the more remarkable it will certainly become.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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