Sometimes, moments of inspiration can set us on new paths in our lives.

Let us introduce you to the finger painter Iris Scott, an oil painter who creates work with remarkable movement, depth, and feeling not with one of the most advanced yet accessible tools known to man, our fingers.

Her work is a beautiful example of the boundless possibility out there to those who think outside the box and are inspired by moments of inspired thinking! This video, brought to us by INSIDER, is truly phenomenal! What a unique and fun thing to highlight. You can find more insight like this on their website!

Take a look…


Reframing possibility…

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of inspired innovation to reframe possibility. Here’s a great interview with Iris Scott as she discusses her approach to painting, and shares a few insights for young artists, or really anybody embarking on a creative endeavor!

This candid interview from Phatt Features is a wonderful and refreshing reminder of what breaking the mold looks like!

The practice of experimentation…

I love Scott’s sentiments about the importance of hard work, practice, and experimentation. No matter the endeavor, no person is simply born with remarkable talent. Achieving levels of mastery and expertise takes time, it takes energy, and it takes a willingness to try, fail, and keep practicing.

No master was made overnight, and no inspiration came without a lot of mistakes!

Watching Iris Scott at work left me inspired to go grab the old oil paints I have downstairs and do some experimenting of my own!

If you felt this same inspiration, she has a great How to Finger Paint video on her YouTube channel and on her website. So, make sure you check it out or share it with an artist in your life!

Who knows you may have your own moment of inspiration behind the easel!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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