Most of us realize we use some powerful filters to decide what to click on when we are on the web.

But what if those filters are occasionally leaving out some real gems?

Maybe it’s good to have a trusted guide if we are going to let our guard down to peer through a murky veil. Today we will be that guide!

Image: Skyscrapers above the clouds in Dubai

Source: Pixabay

We will introduce you to some remarkably inspiring and unexpected heroes, but they are definitely not the kind of things most people would click on without a strong recommendation from someone they trusted. Sadly these amazing hidden gems are almost completely overlooked and uncelebrated in the mass media.

But we are going to change all that today at Ever Widening Circles (EWC)!

We are going to suggest that just for a time, you suspend your filters while visiting us here at Ever Widening Circles, and reach way past your comfort zone to learn about some lovely innovations and insights you never dreamed would interest you.

Yes, it turns out that there are some extraordinary possibilities that have opened up due to innovators using the “untouchables” in our world like rats, leeches, diapers, garbage, wolves, fear, bird vomit and the sides of skyscrapers. And they are doing it in ways you will not believe.

Even our fears and dead fish scales can be turned into a positive!

Come on, follow your curiosity, take a little risk! We will bring a smile to your face on all those topics!

Hidden Gems of 2016 on Ever Widening Circles

Let’s start with a few articles that almost no one thinks they will be interested in, but we can tell you, they show us ingenuity and humanity at its best! Take a look at these hidden gems:

7 minutes

Unearthing the DNA of the Jungle with Leeches

How can leeches help biologist study remote ecosystems? It turns out researchers can use these often overlooked creatures to learn about species hidden from view! Here's the fascinating story.

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8 minutes

Seeing the Brain…With Diapers (What?!)

In a strange twist of fate, neuroscientists discovered that they could be using diapers to see the details of the brain better! Take a look...

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18 minutes

Rewilding: How Wolves Radically Change Rivers

Author George Monbiot has coined a new term - "rewilding" - which may be the key to finding balance with the natural world. You won't believe the dramatic improvements that nature can manage for itself, once key species are reintroduced. Fascinating!

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17 minutes

What Fear Can Teach Us About the Stories We Tell Ourselves

DO NOT MISS THIS! If you are turning your back on all the fear and malice in the news media these days, this TED Talk is a really fun and "game-changing" insight! (We use it almost every day)

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14 minutes

Rats Becoming Our Heroes?

What potential are we missing by ignoring the "untouchable" things? Let's start with the amazing abilities of rats to save millions of lives! Really!

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23 minutes

What if Trash Pick-Up Was Annual?

What if you could save money, time, your conscience, and fit your entire year's worth of trash in a mason jar? This is surprisingly very do-able!

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9 minutes

Using Bird Vomit to Uncover History!

How can owl pellets help us make conservation decisions? It turns out a little bit of gross science can have a big impact! And it's actually pretty cool!

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5 minutes

Powering Your World with Fish Scales?

Yes, you read that correctly, we can use fish scales to generate power! It turns out those fish you see in the market could be an alternative energy source. Here's how this alternative energy source could be used in the future!

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Make this week a joy by powering down your web filters when you are here with us. See where the “out of the box” thinking in those articles leads your own mind!

Maybe you’ll come up with an innovative solution to a problem at work. Maybe you will take a totally new path in your personal life that just needed a little “crazy thinking.”

Remember, one man’s “crazy” is another man’s iPad, GPS technology, or a drone delivering pizza!

Have a great day! (If you have the day off for the New Year’s holiday, use some of it to raise your sense of possibility with these articles!)

Stay open, curious and hopeful

~ Dr. Lynda

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