We all know space is silent, so that makes the music for our favorite space odyssey films even more memorable. Understanding movie music through these kinds of films is fascinating!

Understanding Movie Music through The Martian Music Orchestra process

Source:  Wikipedia and YouTube

Understanding Movie Music

Movie music can take our hand and lead us like an enthusiastic friend.

It can help us hang on to a tiny thread of hope near the end of suspenseful scenes. It can give us a spring in our step when things start to look up for our heroes. And it can tell us when we might want to hide our eyes!

Tone and color must be carefully crafted for almost every second of the film. There is a particular instrument that implies each emotion. There appears to be a kaleidoscope of considerations.

Space movies are also unique in that they have to embrace a scientific feel, while still holding on to the organic connection to an unfolding human drama. It’s as if the composer of the score is the painter of a grand mural that goes on for blocks.

I had no appreciation for any of this until we received a link from an Ever Widening Circles fan. She said she had loved the movie The Martian before understanding the complexities of the music, but this short piece from NPR had demonstrated why this movie was so darn good: everything worked together perfectly.

Take 7 minutes to be present with the composer as he takes us all on a little journey, brought to us by NPR’s All Things Considered.

Lovely, huh?

I too enjoyed the movie The Martian, and remember how the music made certain moments seem almost precious with wonder.

I can also recommend the book, The Martian. What an entertaining, insightful and compelling read! You’ll find the technology references sprinkled throughout the book are absolutely fascinating, and I found great reports on the accuracy of the science there.

In our family, many of us read the book before seeing the movie and it was a perfect transition. The book gave us the backstory to many scenes and made it all the more enjoyable.

You can read a review of the book here at GoodReads.com, and I can highly recommend it. Perhaps it would be a great holiday gift for someone you know. It’s a real page-turner!

If you’re looking for another awesome music article, check this one out!

7 minutes

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