Take a moment to appreciate the art that already exists in nature. The beauty of a marvelous sunset, the patterns inside a sunflower, the way the light hits the snow.

Something truly remarkable happens when nature and art come together. When these forces combine in just the right way somehow the beauty of the natural and the manmade are enhanced.

There is nothing quite so beautiful as the world after a fresh snowfall. It is a striking reminder of nature’s wonder.

For the artist Simon Beck, a freshly powdered hillside isn’t just a wonder to behold, it is a canvas. His art combines the geometric beauty and stunning size of crop circles with the marvelous glory of a winter landscape to create murals on mountainsides.

His work can span tremendous distances and are a beautiful example of boundless creativity and possibility.

Here’s Great Big Story to introduce us. Those familiar with Great Big Story know that they produce some awesome content that always leaves you feeling uplifted and thoughtful. Check them out here!

There is something so wonderfully hypnotic, almost meditative, about Beck’s work. Watching him create is beautiful in its own way.

I want to end today by sharing with you an entrancing film by Flash Studio that walks with Beck in the mountains as he creates. The phenomenal video is brought to us by the phenomenal creator and curator of amazing things in this world, National Geographic.

Art has a remarkable way of giving us perspective.

It can remind us to admire the beauty of freshly fallen snow, it can critique moments in culture and politics, it can remind us to look deeper, it can help us notice the little things.

Art gives us a place to start conversations. It gives us a place to begin with one another, perhaps share wonder, or exchange ideas. The great thing about art is that it can be a neutral ground for us all no matter our background.

So, take a moment to enjoy the art in your life. It’s a wonderful reminder of how we easily we can begin the conversations that help us build and create this amazing world!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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