If there’s one thing we can all depend on, it’s that everything dies, right?

Well, today we will introduce you to a creature that appears to be its own fountain of youth!

It sounds a little crazy, but meet the Hydra, an organism that appears to defy the patterns of nature, and the natural “order” of life.

NPR’s fantastic YouTube channel Skunk Bear picks up this story and explains why these creatures are such a remarkable anomaly of nature!

The natural world never ceases to amaze me!

How many other remarkable organisms are out there that I know nothing about?

If you remain curious about this world, it is truly filled with endless wonder. Daily, we continue to broaden the realm of human knowledge and creativity. The more we know about the little things in this world and choose to celebrate them, the higher we raise “common knowledge” up.

Imagine how much better and more informed our collective decision making would be if we became life-long learners and instilled that desire in others.

From microorganisms to the ancient giants that once roamed this planet, the potential for learning and discovery is endless. Perhaps we should celebrate that a little more often.

So, remain curious, support curious people, and find other curious minds to celebrate with!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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