“Surprise Me” with Innovations and Insights Please!

Posted on December 18, 2016 by Dr. Lynda

What do you think would happen, if 19.25% of us started completely turning our backs on the negative 24-hour news cycle?

No matter our politics, religion or culture, what if almost 20% of us found a place where we got informed, without all the fear and biases?

It’s possible, you know!

Image: Collage of EWC pics

And you are here!

Welcome to Ever Widening Circles, an apt name for a project to change the negative dialogue about our world.

Today we roll out a new feature!

Ever Widening Circles (EWC) has yet another way to discover the positive surprises in our world: our new “Surprise Me” button


Surprise Me!


You will find it woven into some articles, but it’s always accessible under our search box in the right-hand column of every article.

In today’s article, we will give you links to some of the most shared articles in our short history and we will give you a bit of our backstory to explain why and how we are here for you every day.

Image: Sunlight through the daisiesBest of all!

Here you will never have to suffer an agenda or biases of any kind.

We only write articles about the innovations and insights happening in the world that would touch a chord in almost anyone. And we do mean “everyone!” Did you realize we have over 20,000 facebook fans in Nepal, and over 10,000 in Afghanistan? As many in Cambodia? And the list would go on and on!

We will let the talking heads in narrative journalism squabble over the things none of us can agree upon, but here you are a part of a giant global community of nice people who want to learn about the best that is in our world.

You can search your favorite topics – science, art, sports, music, kindness, space, animalstechnology, and about 30 more (see our categories in the right column on this page) – and find innovations here you never dreamed of!

Better yet, you can take advantage of your greatest innate asset: your curiosity.


Now, I know it’s a bit scary to trust us with your time in such a random way, but you’ve already proven your instincts are good: you have somehow followed your sense of curiosity to a place on the web where people are finding daily innovation and insight yet uncelebrated.

In fact, you have found the place I was looking for two years ago when I just snapped and walked away from all the overwhelming hype and drama of the 24-hour news cycle.

This was never my plan…

I remember it vividly: my clock radio woke me at 6:23 am one morning with the most horrific recent beheading story and I said to myself, “I’m done. This is no way to start even one day of my short life!”

What was an ordinary person to do next? I was a dentist, not a web-savvy media consumer, or even a frequent user of Facebook. How could I change the dialogue about our world?

Image: Dr. Lynda and a group of Nepali Children
EWC founder, Dr. Lynda Ulrich, with children in a remote village in Nepal

I did have two things that were critical to bringing you all the good news we have here in the past year: I was remarkably curious and my life’s journey had taken me to some of the most unusual places in the world. I had seen for myself that the people in the most remote parts of Tibet, Ecuador, and the Kalahari Desert are fundamentally just exactly like us.

I had felt deep connection and humbling generosity from people in places with no power or running water. I had held the hands of orphans who were born to tragic circumstances yet radiated a kind of brilliant hope and genius that Wall Street moguls could never hope to attain.

I knew the story we were being served by every media outlet was flawed because it left out all the wonder and possibility around the globe.

Torn between my need to be informed and my desire to stay sane, I had no choice but to begin a journey. I began searching the web to find a place with no agenda. I wanted fact-checked and solidly cited information with no biases, but every website I found, that proclaimed itself the place for positive news, was left or right leaning politically, or religious. Many were light on substance and heavy on things like Cat yoga or Dolly Parton’s Donations. Most were made impossibly complicated by bizarre advertising.

Image: Two people having coffeeI was stunned by the void and just when I had given up my search, I met a young computer genius in a coffee shop, who agreed to build me a website. After a year of dabbling with various recipes for this website, I began in earnest in July of 2015.

Since then, I’ve written and edited over 1000 articles about the thought-leaders and possibility all around us.

Now back to that 19.25% I mentioned in the beginning…

It may be people just like you!

Turns out, there is a particular kind of person that is still curious, very open, and optimistic. And they are in every culture around the world.

This is one of the most eye-opening and reassuring findings we’ve had!

From the very first days of EWC, when barely 75 people each day visited us, the return rate has been just under 20%. And now, when 3,500 people per day visit EWC, it’s still 20% who return another day. In other words, 20% of the people who find Ever Widening Circles come back for more. They bookmark us, subscribe, or somehow make a point to visit regularly.

Image: Collage of EWC article photos

I find that so inspiring in this time of overwhelming negativity coming from every corner! I have to be honest: when I started the website I was so down on humanity, that I thought EWC would appeal to only 1% and convinced myself that was enough.

But, no matter where we are promoting EWC, Algeria to Kansas City, Afghanistan to Melbourne, our return rate is 19.25%.

No matter how many people visit per week, from 120 to 12,000, the meaning and connection here resonates with 19.25% .

If you have stuck with this article this far, or are a return visitor, I am here to tell you that you have a brand of curiosity and optimism that the world needs now more than ever. Thank you so much for joining us. Share the fact that we are here with your most optimistic friends.

Image: young boy offering a giant ice cream coneHere’s an insider tip…

Suspend your normal search techniques then you are with us here at Ever Widening Circles.

Try dropping into articles on EWC that you don’t think you’ll be interested in and you will be really surprised where you wind up!  Really!

We’ve designed the whole EWC space to share insights that would bring a smile to every single one of us.

Here’s the thing: we’ve all had to developed finely tuned search techniques, because of the volume of mediocre content on the web.

We can whiz by advertising and  “click bait” without even registering the pass, and now we only stop at things that relate to what we are passionate about.

Unfortunately, if you just scan EWC for what you already know, you are likely to miss many of our articles that you might love, like these…

Image: Collage of EWC pics

I could go on and on.

And Oh! Do you know about TED.com? We curate the very best TED Talks here so you don’t have to slog through their enormous website to find the talks with millions of views (for good reason!) Here’s one that you might never open up into because of the title, but there’s a hidden gem of insight there that I have found I use almost every day of my life.

Drop into What Fear Can Teach Us, and you will find a life skill to apply to many of the most important decisions in your life.

Bottom line: suspend your normal search patterns when you visit EWC and you will be expanded beyond your wildest imaginings.

And that’s where our new “Surprise Me” button can be of help!Image: Young people in dark glasses questioning things

Give it a try!

Surprise Me!

Drop into any article you come to and see if it leaves you muttering, “I had no idea!”

That’s what happens to us every day here at EWC. In fact, if a topic doesn’t leave us feeling delightfully expanded in some way, we don’t write about it.

Have some fun here finding so many things to be optimistic about.

See you tomorrow!

~ Dr. Lynda

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