Have you ever looked at a dead fish and thought, “Now there’s a technological innovation waiting to happen”?

I’m guessing you haven’t, because honestly, who would. Well, after watching today’s video you may walk by the seafood counter at your local market feeling a little more inspired by new innovations.

Liesl, why are you being so cryptic? Okay, fine, I was trying to build dramatic tension to lead us up to the topic we are exploring today; the future of advanced technology using fish scales to power electronics.

Yes, fish scales could help power a very near future!

For more on this remarkable idea here’s one of our favorite YouTube Channels, Gross Science with more. Gross Science has some great and interesting content over of their channel, so take a moment to poke around over there when you get the chance.

We’ve paired this video with thought-provoking discussion questions perfect for the classroom in this touchstone on our education platform, EWCed!

There are just no bounds to these new innovations!

I watch something like this and find myself looking at the world around me with fresh eyes. There is possibility everywhere, even if I don’t realize it!

We live in an incredible world! Whale poop can spur on conservation movements, bird vomit can unlock history, and fish scales could power the future. How exciting!

Learn more about the Conspiracy of Goodness happening around the world by clicking here!

The future belongs to those that see overlooked things as sources of innovation. Whether mundane, gross, or just plain weird, inspiration for the next great idea can come from anywhere. We just have to embrace the possibilities.

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Well, there you have it, one more thing that makes this world amazing. I hope you feel a little smarter, and I really do hope that you start seeing inspiration in the strangest places!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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