How do we make the most of our 8 senses? And no, that is not a typo.  

We all know the usual five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. But scientists have recently added to that list, making the previous list of five senses into eight.

The three new senses are equilibrioception, thermoception, and proprioception. These formal words may sound a little confusing, but thanks to SciShow we can not only understand what the new senses are, but how they work and why scientists felt the need to add them to the list!

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(If you’d like to read more about these senses, click on the terms up above.) 

Now that we know the “new” senses, it does seem pretty logical to consider equilibrioception, thermoception, and proprioception as an actual “sense”.

We’ve been using these parts of our brains forever to help us navigate, feel hot or cold, and keep balanced. Now we just know a little bit more about them.

Why did scientists pick these 3 to add to the list of senses? Are there more we could be using every day? At this point, only time and research will tell.

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