Innovators to the End: Mushroom Burial Suits!

Posted on December 6, 2016 by Dr. Lynda

If death and taxes are the only sure things in this world, have you planned well for both?

They don’t let us get innovative when paying our taxes, but now we can be in death!

 We can go out in a remarkably sustainable way and with eco-savvy fashion sense!

Image: A model of an mushroom spore covered suit
Source: Coeio

I know, it may seem like a reach in innovation, but let’s be adventurous today.

First, let’s get a personal story in support of this unusual innovation. Here’s a piece done by CBS Boston:


Via: CBS News 1

Interesting huh?

I came across this innovation and decided to feature it as yet another example of the innovation that happens when science meets art. This really seems to be a pairing that is moving ingenious concepts forward these days.

So now let’s hear from the designer of the mushroom burial suit, artist and thought leader, Jae Rhim Lee:

Via: TED 2

I know, this innovation is a little out there on the fringes for some, and yet it makes perfect sense to others.

That’s how almost all the best things start out.

Then culture seems to catch-up with what may really be common sense.

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Stay open, curious and optimistic.

~ Dr. Lynda