If we think the topic of school lunches sounds pretty boring, we’d be very wrong.

Get ready to smile through many “Ah-Ha” moments! I kept saying to myself, “Why didn’t we think of that!”

Image: Japanese 3rd graders in masks and hairnets smiling

Source: Ashventures

Usually, I try to write our Ever Widening Circles articles with a calm professionalism, keeping my “over the top” enthusiasm to myself. But I’m just going to come clean right from the beginning today folks: the EWC video-share we have for you is absolutely delightful and really inspiring.

Who would have thought the subject of school lunch could be described as an inspiring delight?

But there you have it. Just when we think a topic is not worth our attention, we find a gem wedged firmly in the gap between our many biases.

Never mind my prattling on. Take a little journey of possibility with some kids in a school in Japan in this incredible story brought to us by CafCu Media.

What a refreshing avalanche of possibilities!

I watched that the first time and was left shaking my head in disbelief. They’ve ticked off solutions to everything from teaching kids to recycle properly, to ritualized dental hygiene. And then they go from table manners to teamwork!

How would this look in every school in North America?

Think about all it could improve and the behaviors it could nurture!

Image: Little children eating lunch very happily in Japan

Source: Ashventures

If you are a teacher, administrator or parent-leader in a school, share this article. You never know how that one small move could start a movement!

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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