Eight Hidden Gems Around the World

Posted on December 3, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

There are wonders both man-made and nature crafted around the globe that remind us of the incredible nature of this planet.

On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we explore 8 places around the globe that remind us that this planet is full of hidden gems to explore!

Image: Marble caves in Chile with blue water and patters on the cavern ceiling.
Source: Javier Vieras // Flickr


One of our favorite YouTube Channels, Great Big Story, has taken its followers around the world celebrating the remarkable people and places that make up Earth’s beautiful cultural and natural tapestry.

So, let’s take a little jaunt with them to just a few of the wonders that make this planet home…

There are wonders to be explored in on every corner of this planet. Whether they are marvels of human creativity or awe-inspiring creations of nature, there we live on a planet rich with hidden gems.

I was having a conversation with somebody recently about how being a daily EWC reader has changed the way she and her children walk through the world. They voiced something I had found myself thinking quite a bit recently. As they become more familiar with EWC’s content they find themselves saying “Hey, we saw that on Ever Widening Circles!” or “That’s that Ever Widening Circles guy!” Suddenly, the world seems far more serendipitously connected. I think some of the greatest proof that “it’s still an amazing world” lies in how wonderful walking through life can be when you are more familiar and engaged with the people and things that make this planet incredible!

Learning about remarkable and faraway places can remind us that there are marvels in our own backyard to explore and enjoy. Appreciating the beauty and complexity of cultures different from our own opens up our perspective on the world. Engaging with what makes the world amazing every day trains us to see the moments in our lives that encourage that world view. First, though, we have to choose to be open enough to make those connections.

So, go appreciate the wonders out there and the world might start to become a little more amazing!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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