Can our biggest limitations be our best liberations? They absolutely can!

The following photo of a tattooed banana will make total sense to you after you finish this article.

“And in the end, I found a new way to create art that is perpetual, unencumbered by results. I found myself in a constant state of creation, only thinking of what could be next.” – Phil Hansen

The video we are pointing you to today is one of the most entertaining and insightful I’ve ever seen, and that is saying something given my two years of work here at Ever Widening Circles.

If you are a regular to their website, you’ll know most of the best TED Talks are all about compellingly presenting ideas worth spreading (the motto). But this one is just way out there in the stratosphere when it comes to having some fun while getting a message we can each use every single day. TED is curating and supporting some incredible things – check out their talks here!

I’m not going to prolong the suspense here with any more chatter. Just get comfortable and enjoy being a little transformed by the beauty that can rise when life throws us a curveball.

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So we are always being faced with limitations, but if we keep showing up for the process of being creative with our options, we may just end up somewhere we never dreamed.

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Embracing Our Limitations

So if you are a regular visitor to EWC, you’ll know we love to find connections between the insights of thought-leaders like Phil, and the message we might bring to our own daily lives.

Phil’s embrace of the shake was not as much about art as it was about possibility. It was about learning to be creative within the confines of our limitations.

This skill could be our one great hope. Think, what will the new generation of creators make possible if they fully embrace their “limitations”?

We might struggle, but we might also come up with ideas we would never conceive of, especially if all we did was spend our energy moping or trying to break out of the things that confine us.

Image: Young people in dark glasses questioning things

A little more of Phil’s work…

I was so curious about this way of finding creativity in “the negative spaces”, that I decided to dig into Phil’s work a bit more. And sure enough, Phil plays with possibility like a child just discovering a jungle gym in his neighborhood.

Please jump over to Phil Hansen’s Website at Phil in the Circle, if you would like to have your sense of possibility expanded too.

As you may know, our motto here at Ever Widening Circles (EWC) is that It is still an amazing world. Explore more of Phil’s work and you will find that thesis proven in spades!

Phil Hansen’s actual gift may be giving us a window into ourselves.

Can we embrace the struggle too?

We’ve written a few inspiring articles on that topic as well!

This video is one of the first to make a sweeping path around the web, well before TED was popular, and it sparked the embers of inspiration for my developing this website.

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The thought-leader in that video, Ben Zander, is also a remarkably compelling and humorous innovator.

There’s also a great article here at EWC about the founder of a wonderful charity called Pencils for Promise. He embraces struggle in a way we could all learn a little from too!

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Struggling Successfully: 5 Phrases for Your Future

Here's someone who reminds us that (as he says): “If your dreams aren’t scaring you, then you are not dreaming big enough.”

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No doubt, I could find connections to Phil’s inspired brand of creativity all through the website here at EWC.

Stay curious, open and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

Again, we’ve found wonder in the work of TED!

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