It all starts with an idea, then some doodling, and before you know it (three months) you have a LEGO T-Rex, 20 feet long! (You’ll see that in today’s article!)

Now this is the kind of thinking we need more of!

Image: Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya with Yellow man

Source: Brickset // Flickr

Today, Ever Widening Circles is going to open your mind to art, even if you say you are definitely NOT an “art person”, you might end up appreciating this unique artist’s work and his story.

Nathan Sawaya was once a corporate lawyer in New York City and now his work as an artist is famous around the world. He’s not just building ever more complex LEGO spaceships. His installations are enormous.

Let’s start to dig into this amazing story produced by CCTV America, and through all our video-shares today, you will see more and more of Nathan’s work.

I loved his description of his “big break”, the six-week show that turned out more attendance than the museum had in a whole year!

I suspect that experience demonstrates the unique way LEGO-building breaks down some barriers in the way we define “art.”  The thing about building with LEGO is that we can connect with the art immediately, and even go home and try our hand at it ourselves!

That’s how the sparks and fires of true inspiration work at their best.

Now there’s got to be more to the backstory here! I had so many questions. So I went on a search to find out how someone actually becomes this kind of thought leader.

How does one become a Lego Brick Artist?

Here’s a great video from Roam New Roads about Nathan that gives us more detail…

So Nathan sees the world in rectangles. His mind has been sharpened by both openness and single-minded focus. That ability to hold opposing views comfortably often seems to be the “secret sauce” for great artists who connect with ordinary people like us.

There’s a sweet spot there that we could all learn from.

I loved the way LEGO bricks never left his life, even finding their way under his bed in law school.

That’s what passion looks like.

So let’s go out with one last look at many of Nathan’s pieces with an up close walk-through of Sawaya’s Art of the Brick show in New York City, brought to us by Tested.

Via: Tested 3

Excellent. A beautiful little journey there.

Something that Nathan said rang in my ears and I thought it would be nice for all of us to remember:

“If you are trying to make a big transition in life and yet you have friends that say you are making a mistake, you’ve got to cut that negativity out of your life if you really have a dream.” – Nathan Sawaya

Well said!

In our experience here at (EWC) we have to constantly monitor which voices we are listening to.

There’s a fine line between “carefully considered feedback” and “unfiltered pessimism.”  Our challenge is to make sure we are giving and getting the former!

Can’t get enough of this lego brick artist?

On Nathan’s website at, you can see that project he described as a collaboration with a photographer Dean West.

Now you may remember Nathan mentioning his challenge to get formal “LEGO Master” status. I was curious about that, so I looked into it for us and found a great article at Check it out!

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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