“We humans… are capable of greatness.” – Carl Sagan

Our pale blue dot in the universe is a complex place. Sagan’s sentiments are a good thing to keep reminding ourselves when people don’t actually choose to do great things.

The great Carl Sagan always thought of things from an original oblique angle.

He did not ask if we will reach other planetary systems.

He asked,

“Who will we have to become, in order to reach the nearest stars?”  – Carl Sagan

That’s an interesting question to ask ourselves on this historic morning. Who will we become to bring our planet to a better future?

Here’s how Carl imagines we will find our way.

Take a look at the following remarkable video from a cool channel we recently found, Reid Gower

That was Carl Sagan reading from his book, “The Pale Blue Dot”.

We looked extensively for the creator of that video to give them credit and found that there was an original, highly praised video that was created by Director Michael Marantz, and another version made by someone calling themselves only “damewse”.

Micheal Marantz has a quote that seems fitting:

“I took the time lapse images in Mexico and Utah. The piano is self-composed. Everything in this video is created by myself except for the words of Carl Sagan.
I hope you enjoy this piece, it has given me hope once again.” – Michael Marantz

We might have taken a step toward Carl Sagan’s future with the recent U.S. presidential election, or we might have stepped well off the path.

7 minutes

Insights From Carl Sagan: From ET to Religion

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Only time will tell.

What is certain, is that we will all be called to create a better world out of the chaos.

There are no “passengers” on the ship we are on, only sailors, and now each of us must do what we do best. At times, it will feel like it is not enough, and yet it is all we can do.

Always remember, no matter your mood, that history proves:

“We humans… are capable of greatness.” – Carl Sagan

Stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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