Many of the “unlovable” animals on our planet remind us that Mother Nature is the greatest inventor. Her bag of survival tricks, for every possible niche on our planet, seems bottomless!

Case in point, the shocking wonders of electric animals: those that can generate their own electric field for some particular survival strategy.

Now I know that electric eels may not be tops on everyone’s curiosity list, but take 8 minutes to expand in some unusual, small ways!

This is all a little astonishing. I remember the day I stumbled onto these videos, I walked a little taller because it felt like I knew a powerful secret that made all the negative, political muckraking in the news seem petty.

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Source: Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Wonders in the natural world always make our mean-spirited behavior as humans seem so trivial.

Here’s a little Ever Widening Circles secret: we’ve found that being privy to yet another natural wonder feels empowering in these times when hope seems under siege.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the 24-hour news cycle, I simply clicked off the car radio and pondered some of the innovations and insights I’ve gained from our articles.

It turns out, electric eels have a lot to teach us about innovation, savvy, and diversity. We even get a little refresher course that makes some aspects of our high school chemistry class useful!

Best of all though, I decided to point people to the following two videos, just because the electric eel is a truly exquisite natural wonder, once again, throwing the doors open on possibility!

First, let’s get up to speed on the scope of this amazing ability to generate one’s own electricity. Take a look at this first piece by one of our EWC favorite luminaries at the SciShow. Those familiar with SciShow know they produce fantastic content that always leaves you feeling a little more uplifted and thoughtful. Check them out here!

Via: SciShow 1

Amazing bits and pieces of insight there!

Perceiving electric fields is another sense just like sight and hearing. I suppose this is the same train of thought as we explored in our article about Daniel Kish, the blind man who uses a clicking sound to echo-locate just like bats.

And I found it remarkable that this ability to generate electricity arose all over the planet, completely independent of some common ancestor the started the trend. That’s just a little mind boggling if you pause to think about it.

Eleven different times, one thing led to another, from wildly different starting points, and the end result was the ability to produce electricity!

Now this next piece takes this all to the next level and adds intention to the astonishing use of electricity in animals. Take a look at this great video, brought to us by another fantastic channel, SciFri.

Via: SciFri 2

Here again, an unlovable “outlier” has something we can respect.

What if we resisted our impulses to shun outliers and paused to consider what they might have to teach us.

I’m going to remember these slippery wonders the next time someone rubs me the wrong way or I’m confronted with a perspective I can’t understand.

Might be a good thing to remember in the midst of our difficult political turmoils. (Although it will be really hard!) Most people don’t have it all wrong. There’s often a nugget of inspiration there to expand our way of thinking.

Stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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