Wonders, Just One Year Ago!

Posted on November 6, 2016 by Dr. Lynda

Does time seem to pass at an astonishing pace for you? Me too. So how do we sharpen our ability remember the past in the best possible light, rather than be bogged down by it?

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Here’s something I’ve learned to consider:

We nurture what we pay attention to. ~ Dr. Lynda

It’s pretty simple. If we ignore something, walk away, pay it no mind, it has no power in our lives. Conversely, if we pay attention to something, usually it becomes part of our core whether that’s what we intended or not.

We know this is true from the best of our experiences: we pay attention to a child’s special gifts and we nurture those special qualities. We give care to a special garden plant and it thrives from our nurturing attention. If we pay close attention to the needs of a new employee or coworker, our nurturing pays off in a better work environment for everyone.

Image: Young people in dark glasses questioning thingsBut that takes some mindfulness, doesn’t it? We have to constantly remind ourselves of the intention inherent in attention.

So what happens when that sword of attention cuts the other way?

You’ve probably experienced that too!

If we pay attention to the political news right now, we are likely to be nurturing our own fears in a BIG way. The same is true of the books and movies we chose. Want more fear? Then let people who use fear to manipulate us find their way onto your facebook news feed, your constant phone messages, into your car radio, or your TV screen.

I got to thinking about this and it made me much more careful about giving any attention at all to sources for “facts” and “news” that tried to real me in with fear.

I started very intentionally paying attention to what was finding its way into my worldview.

And oddly enough, when the opportunity presented itself, this was at the core of what inspired me to start Ever Widening Circles! I wanted to nurture my sense of curiosity and know more about innovations in science, the arts, and possibility in general.

Image: Collage of Positive things in the world

But I could not find a place on the web that had no agenda.

Every project I found that labels itself as “positive” and “insightful” has an agenda. They are right-leaning, left-leaning, “green” or some religious persuasion.

Before EverWideningCircles.com EWC, the pickings were slim if you wanted to learn about the great things going on in the world without being bombarded by advertising and ideology.

Possibility versus the downward spiral:

So let’s explore two universes. One of the first things I learned when I started content searching for EWC was something Ben Zander would say, “There are two worlds: the world of the downward spiral, or the world of radiating possibility.

Here are the downward spiral items that were constantly in the news in November of 2015:Image: Two spheres with radiating lines spiraling outward in every directoin

  • There were three coordinated attacks by ISIS that killed dozens in Paris last November.
  • November 2015 was the world’s warmest November in recorded weather history, according to figures released by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • The IAAF suspended Russian athletes from international competition because of a huge doping embarrassment.
  • The Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal widened.

Yikes. I remember all that, but do I remember anything positive?

Well, actually I do!

And that’s what I’m going to point you to today. In fact, we are going to start a monthly round-up article where we point our EWC visitors to our top articles from the same month, exactly one year earlier.

Let’s get to it!

November is a unique month in the U.S. because many of us celebrate the things we are grateful for through the holiday of Thanksgiving. For that reason, you’ll see we’ve included a number of articles around those sentiments in our top-10 list that follows.

Radiating possibility always includes gratitude!

Here are the must-see (and must remember) articles from November of 2015 on EverWideningCircles.com:

Image: Spinosaurus skeleton


Bigger Than T. Rex: Meet Spinosaurus!

95 million years ago, in one of the most dangerous places on the planet, a bizarre dinosaur roamed that was bigger than T. Rex! The story of its discovery is part Indiana Jones and part Sherlock Holmes saga. Fascinating fun today on EWC!

Image: Generosity can begin by preparing food for the hungery


Generosity: To Give Without Reason

Generosity can be joyously large, or it can be breathtakingly simple and personal. Today we look at Narayanan Krishnan, a man who inspires us to give for no reason other than to lift the spirits of others.

Thanksgiving Recipes Dr. Lynda's


Dr. Lynda’s 6 Classic Holiday Recipes

Here at the beginning of a holiday stretch to the year end, food becomes a centerpiece of togetherness and celebrations. Please enjoy our 6 family, holiday recipes from grandmothers, the best Kentucky cooks and well-known master chefs. Yum!

Image: Artist Louisa Ulrich-Verderber paints her math teachers' bathroom


Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Have you ever watched the TED Talk with the most views in history: 33 million? There’s a reason this one is on top. Great fun and a subject that can expand every single one of us, no matter our age.

Image: Many things to be thankful for


Thankful for Little Things? Share Them!

Is it possible to connect with others on a deeper level, just by sharing what we are thankful for? It is! Here’s a great way to appreciate the simple things in life with the people you spend the most time with: your co-workers!

maya angelou


Maya Angelou: Just Do Right

Have you ever felt like you could use the advice of a wise elder, or a loving grandparent? Maybe one clarifying perspective to reach for, moment to moment, might be helpful.

So be sure to dip into these when you need a boost, perhaps right before bed so you go to sleep with some inspiring thoughts swirling through your mind! They will all transform you in some way and give you a reason to be optimistic.Oh, and if you haven’t seen Ben Zander’s transformation PopTech talk, you can find it here in our article called Possibility versus the Downward Spiral. I have to say, that single talk is one of the most important (and most fun) talks I’ve ever seen.Thanks for stopping by!

Stay open, hopeful and always curious!

~ Dr. Lynda