What would a colony on Mars really look like? Could we take a piece of our planet with us to space?

It’s hard to answer these kinds of questions without a little experimenting here on Earth. But how do you even begin to study such complex systems? How about creating a rain forest under 6,500 windows in the middle of an Arizona desert?

On this Saturday Around the World, we take you to Biosphere 2, a remarkable place that is experimenting with how life on other planets might look! This marvel of technology, biology, and long-term experimentation is a living lab taking a close look at Earth’s complex systems!

So, let’s head to Arizona with The Good Stuff and check out this incredible place!

The Good Stuff is great, aren’t they? Their channel is the perfect place to lose yourself for an afternoon. Check them out here!

Large-scale learning…

We know so little about the infinite natural systems we interact with on a daily basis. Projects like Biosphere 2 give us a way see up close the complex and interconnected ways the ecosystems on this planet interact.

Though the intended experiments for Biosphere 2 never panned out, they did highlight the many complexities of life in space. Whether or not we ever see a colony beyond earth, our desire to go further, and look at the horizon with a spirit of possibility is a marvel of humanity.

19 minutes

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That spirit is one of our greatest assets. It moves science forward, pushes us to ask better questions, and forces us to look creatively at the problems of our world.

For me, I am constantly reminded that it’s still an amazing world every time I hear about the remarkable people pushing the envelope of possibility for us all!

Stay beautiful and keep laughing!


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