Do you remember these? Those weird 2D patterns that somehow created 3D images, well they’re called stereograms, and it’s time we explained them!

Whether or not you are familiar with the Magic Eye craze of the 90’s today will be a fascinating trip into perception, illusion, and maybe a little nostalgia!

First, take a long look at the previous picture. By long, I mean stare passively at the center of the image for 30 or 40 seconds, letting your eyes and mind do a little unconscious work. Just focus on the center and then don’t work too hard.

Does something that makes total sense finally reveal itself in the Magic Eye picture? Did your mind gradually shift your perspective and three figures clearly appear?

If not, no worries. We’ll all understand stereograms better in a few minutes.

So, what were these weird pictures with images hidden within them? They are called stereograms and the way they play tricks on our brain is kind of incredible! Oh, and they have a fascinating history that includes early surveillance and 19th century 3D home entertainment!

Today, we bring you a cool video from Vox to explain what exactly is going on with these images! If you haven’t discovered Vox, yet, it’s really worth diving into. You can find them here and just get lost in their seas of great content!

Via: Vox 1

Celebrate The Random Wonders!

Isn’t it funny how seemingly mundane entertainment can have such a fascinating history and utilize a little neuroscience?

One of my favorite parts of writing for EWC is learning more about the little things in our world. I find myself walking through life feeling a little smarter, and more knowledgeable. I now know why freshly mown grass smells the way it does, the way driverless cars can be informed by our veins and arteries, the story of how pandas became so popular, what the heck a gravitational wave isthe physics behind the hardest move in ballet, and so much more!

And all of that knowledge is available to you here on EWC! (I thought you should be able to see all of these great articles so I created a Circle called “Random Wonders” for you to check out!)

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There is so much out there for us to learn, and the more we know the more wonderful life becomes. If we can only talk about the world in terms of negativity, we make it impossible to think optimistically about the future.

I hope that you gleaned a little more knowledge about this amazing world today!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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