Where would we be without the people among us who are happy to push the boundaries of what we think is possible? Do extreme trampoline experts have something to teach us?

I suspect we can have some fun with this and find they do!

First, let’s start by thinking back to childhood. Many of us have spent a carefree, unsupervised and surely reckless afternoon jumping on a trampoline in someone’s backyard.  If we were lucky, we didn’t wind up spending the evening in the emergency room.

And what did we take away from all that freedom and experimentation? Maybe a few bruises and a sense of boundless wonder.

There’s just something about a trampoline that brings randomness and possibility together with a thrill.

First, let’s take a look at some athletes that have taken that backyard fun to a whole new level…

And your thoughts?

Mine were a mix of amazement and admiration. And those are the same emotions I’ve taken away from the work of so many thought-leaders we’ve featured on EWC in the last year!

So maybe these trampoline extremists are demonstrating something more than just a physical wonder.

Often when we just can’t understand the motivation of people who are pushing at the edges of possibility, we tend to trivialize their work as nothing more than a curiosity.

We forget that people who are doing things no one ever thought to try are our modern day pioneers. And unfortunately, the pioneer is often the person with the arrows in their back, from the critique of so many nay-sayers.

And what about people going to extremes in science, art, and even generosity? Instead of shaking our heads in disbelief, we could celebrate their work with the same sense of admiration, even gratitude.

Take for instance the artist who paints people in a pool of milk. It’s so easy to just say “I’m not an art person” or dismiss her work as pointless. That is, of course, until you see it. What the paint does in the milk, after Alexa is done painting, is really quite strange and wonderful.

17 minutes

Painting in a Pool of Milk?

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How about the extreme example of generosity?

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Generosity: To Give Without Reason

Generosity can be joyously large, or it can be breathtakingly simple and personal. Today we look at Narayanan Krishnan, a man who inspires us to give for no reason other than to lift the spirits of others.

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And then there are the extremists who look for life down inside the calderas of active volcanoes!

9 minutes

The Search for Life Inside Volcanoes

The study of life in the planet's most extreme environments is pushing back the frontiers of knowledge on earth and beyond. Here's a marvelous perspective from a scientist at the cutting edge of this research!

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Are all the socially acceptable thought leaders that much different than extreme sports enthusiasts? They have a passion and they use creative problem-solving to push past what everyone thought was possible. It’s a recipe for any of us to push past roadblocks in our own lives.

I love a good extremist! They take us on a little journey we could not have gone on without them!

Stay open, curious and optimistic!

~ Dr. Lynda

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Dr. Lynda is a dentist, artist, global traveler, and philanthropist who looks for potential and shares it with the world.