100 Photographers, 24 Hours: A Powerful Legacy

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Each of us looks at the world in a different way. The way we shape and are shaped by our surroundings gives us a unique lens on the world. Perhaps we should celebrate that a little more often.

So, what happens when you send 100 photographers, each with their own unique view of the world, out to tell the stories of ordinary life in one place. What do we learn when we see all of their perspectives side by side?

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Photographer Rick Smolan began the Day in the Life series with the intention of capturing “extraordinary images of everyday life” through the lenses of 100 photographers in the span of 24 hours. From its first edition in Austrailia to its legacy today, the series has acted as a time capsule of sorts to remind us to take joy in our remarkable similarities and celebrate our extraordinary differences.

Here’s more about this incredible project and its important legacy from Smolan himself…

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The Power of Photography…

Photography is powerful because it reminds us how similar we all are. In some ways, it is able to capture our moments of shared humanity better than any other medium.

When we look into the eyes of a powerful portrait or see the world as a fly on the wall, we catch a glimpse of our commonality in a profound way. We are very often left to write the story, fill in the blanks surrounding the image, and in doing so have to pull from our own experiences.

The ideas of “otherness” we have created serves little purpose on a planet that is so rich in culture and history. Perhaps in a time where the world seems increasingly polarized, we would do well to focus on those areas of gray in between where we can find common ground.

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