Take a moment to bring your mind on a creative and surreal journey!

After watching the piece we are sharing today, it’s hard not to be left a little in awe of the boundless nature of the human brain.

So, what happens when you take a remarkable graffiti master/animator and a stunning motion-painter/filmmaker and give them a building to use as a canvas?

In a remarkable collaboration, artist David Ellis and graffiti master Blu created an incredible piece entitled “COMBO”. This strange and wonderful video is truly mesmerizing. Using the real world as a canvas for some incredible graffiti and stop-motion, it’s like nothing else you’ve seen before. For more incredible videos like this, go check out their channel, Blu Animations and Other Videos.

So, without any more introduction, let’s head off into an incredible world…

Creativity Striking a Chord

From the animation to the graffiti, to the sound design, this collaboration is such a cool testament to boundless creativity.

Certainly, I can see myself seeing the world a bit more like a canvas from now on.

Whether or not you are an art fan, this piece really does feel like some kind of inspiration. While one mind might ask “Why,” the other might just say, “Wow,” and a third, “How did they do that?” What’s marvelous though is that in most of us it will, in some way, strike a chord.

One of the greatest gifts art can give us is a place to start a conversation.

Whether we love or hate a piece, we can find a place to begin when we share the common experience of seeing or hearing a work of art. And isn’t that all we need, a place to start?

Will our most profound conversations happen after going to an art museum or looking at an installation? Probably not, but they do give us the opportunity see how differently two people can feel the same experience, and that is most certainly a skill we can take with us far beyond.

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Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge

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