How much do you depend on the internet daily? Do you remember life without Wifi?

Whether you use the web on your phone, tablet, or computer, it’s hard to deny how essential it has become to modern life. Perhaps it’s time to have a little fun by taking a short journey into the recent past to remember the world without WiFi.

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How far back do we have to time-travel? In 1995, the web was definitely not a part of the ordinary person’s life. The possibilities of the internet were hazy, at best, and there was no such thing as WiFi.

Yet, for all of the web’s newness to the general public, a few young entrepreneurs saw the future and brought to the world one of the first Internet Cafes. It seemed a crazy idea at a time, when the “@” symbol was unknown, and investors could barely grasp the concept, but they had a vision.

This is the story of @ Cafe, the hippest internet cafe to come before its time, brought to us by Vox. If you haven’t discovered vox, yet, it’s really worth diving into! You can find them here and take a journey through their great content.

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Influencing the Web’s Future…

To be honest, I’m in my 20’s, so I remember the world before the web as we know it today. But I could hardly navigate the world without the use of Google Maps. In fact, I remember having a conversation with an Apple employee when the first iPod Touch came out, and asking her if it could be used like a “Palm Pilot” in the near future. Her response, simply, was, “No.” If only Pamela had known of the world of iGadgets to come.

It’s hard not to look a back at the last 20 years and marvel at how far technology has taken us. Sometimes though, it feels like our love of the internet and all of the hardware we use to access it feels like a clumsy child running with scissors.

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All you have to do is look at the comments section on a YouTube video to see we are far from maturity when it comes to using the internet. Heck, yesterday I found a food blog after searching “How to Cook Spaghetti Squash” and in the comments section, I found one of the worst cat fights I had ever seen. Really internet, we are going to start throwing F-bombs about whether or not to microwave a squash? Really?

Here’s the thing though, even though the web feels like it has been around forever, it hasn’t, and it’s future spans far ahead of us. We are just at the beginning of our journey with the internet, and the influence it can have. We can learn ways to make the web better for us all, find rules of etiquette, and enjoy the web as a tool for connection.

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It’s very easy to look at what’s out there on the web and walk away discouraged, but we are only scratching the surface when it comes how it can make us all a little more engaged and informed about the world.

The internet is filled with endless possibility, and I hope that EWC can be a place where we can begin our more kind and constructive use of the web!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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