Sometimes it’s hard to believe adventure is still out there on this planet. Surely, there are very few places left to explore for the first time!

Well, one of Earth’s wonders is just how little we really know about it, and how many unexplored places it still holds!

For those who make a career of exploring the planet’s most remote corners, there is always another place yet to discover with its own set of trials, tribulations, and adventures.

On this Saturday Around the World, we head out with a few of these intrepid explorers on a harrowing journey to Myanmar’s remote Hkakabo Razi mountain. And along the way, we get a few lessons that we can all take with us in our less extreme lives.

Image: Tent on a cliff on Hkakabo Razi, Asia's Forgotten Mountain

Source: The North Face // Vimeo

In her talk on the National Geographic Live stage, explorer Hilaree O’Neill takes us along on an expedition she lead to climb and tag the highest mountain in Asia’s Forgotten Mountain, Hkakabo Razi, the tallest in Southeast Asia.

It is a remarkable story that gives you such an incredible perspective on what it means to live on the edge of adventure and discovery.

So settle in for a three-part journey, brought to us by National Geographic Live.Here’s part one…

If all of that seemed harrowing, that’s just the beginning! At this point, I was totally glued to my computer before they had even hit the mountain.

Part two picks us right where we left off…

So, what does happen when team dynamics start to shift?

I love this next section because it speaks the same struggles with relationships and teams we all grapple with. Luckily, the stakes are usually much lower than an expedition team climbing a remote mountain.

Here’s the exciting conclusion!

National Geographic is doing, supporting, and highlighting some truly amazing things in this world. And National Geographic Live is an incredible platform which they’re providing for the people who are at the forefront of exploration. Their talks are brilliant, innovative, and just different – make sure to take some time out of your day to check them out. You won’t regret it!

Embracing Failure

I love this story because it speaks to something we all have to come to terms with at some point in our lives:

Success is never a guarantee. Whether we are climbing mountains, making big life decisions, or even dealing with life at its most mundane, failure can have something to teach us.

Why do we talk about failure in a negative light? Perhaps if we weren’t as ashamed of our failures we could embrace them as moments to learn from. How are we limiting ourselves by only defining the worth of an experience by whether or not it was a success?

Our failures unite us, they make us human, they give us a place to start. Admitting that we don’t succeed 100% of the time lets us ask better questions, connect with each other on a deeper level, and embrace and learn from our weaknesses.

So, maybe we won’t make it to the world’s most remote places, but we can certainly learn from those who have.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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