Have you ever come across a video that gets under your skin and leaves you with a few mental images that seem to change everything? Today we share one of those involving the great Jane Goodall and Wounda.

If you’ve ever pondered the emotional intelligence of animals, the video we are pointing you to takes that concept to an entirely new level!

Do you recognize the woman in the photo above? If any human gets a hug from a chimpanzee it should be Dr. Jane Goodall, who has dedicated her life to their conservation and saving the natural world in general. More about Jane in a minute.

Here’s a remarkable story about one success that has become a teachable moment, from The Jane Goodall Institute

Did that embrace get under your skin a bit? My mind was swirling, wanting to put words to the feelings expressed in those brief moments.

Remember that Dr. Goodall has been a force of nature through 60 years of conservation leadership, but she did not personally bring Wounda back to health. Wounda barely knew Jane.

Just what was going on there?

If this is what’s possible between species, where do we go from here? How do we start caring for the well-being of creatures who can speak for themselves?

And what has happened to Wounda since her release on the island?

Here’s what the Jane Goodall Institute of Belgium has to say:

No one could have imagined that the primate, before heading towards the forest, would spontaneously return and embrace the renowned 80-year-old primatologist Dr Jane Goodall. Dr Goodall confided in us that it was one of the most surprising and moving moments in her life. Nobody could have imagined the extent to which this gesture would become viral on social media, thanks to this video.

A year after this touching encounter, the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium is happy to announce that Wounda has adapted very well to her natural habitat and has made close friendships with the other chimpanzees released back into the wild on the island of Tchindzoulou. 2

Want to learn more?

When it comes to the power and brilliance of Jane Goodall’s efforts to improve our world, there is no shortage of ways to help out. You can start a little journey today by jumping over to The Jane Goodall Institute, where you can learn all about Dr. Goodall’s various endeavors, ranging from reforestation to chimpanzee and bear rescue.

You can learn far more about this amazing Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center and even lend a little hand from afar.

But as a little bonus today, I wanted to add this recommendation: I recently learned about an amazing foundation that is changing the lives of children around the world in a BIG way with exquisitely simple measures. It’s absolutely brilliant work!

Check them out!

Roots and Shoots gets directly to the heart of those that can, and will, be thought leaders for the future. You can learn more about this remarkable cause at RootsandShoots.org.

Oh! And do check out our article about Dr. Jane Goodall’s incredible life’s journey!

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~ Dr. Lynda

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