Introducing The Vegetable Orchestra!

Posted on October 12, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Have you ever wandered through the produce section at your local market and said to yourself, “Wow look at all these instruments!”

I’m going to hazard a guess that very few of our readers have.

For the members of The Vegetable Orchestra, though, fresh produces provides infinite musical possibility. And maybe after today you will be looking at one more slice of the world in terms of possibility and wonder.

Source: Manfred Werner-Tsui // Wikimedia Commons

So, what exactly is The Vegetable Orchestra?

These musicians are creating fascinating music using exclusively vegetables. It sounds incredible, and it really is!

Let’s begin with a quick overview of this unique musical group from one of our favorite YouTube channels, Great Big Story.

The Vegetable Orchestra Origins…

How did this even come to be? Why are they playing vegetables? Do they write music for the green bean? Do they go on tour?

With something as fascinating as an orchestra comprised of vegetables, it’s hard not to have a lot of questions. So, here’s a more in-depth look from CBS News on the history and inspiration behind The Vegetable Orchestra.

Via: CBS News 2

A Story of What’s Possible…

The Vegetable Orchestra tells a story of possibility. We choose to find wonder and awe in the little things and to think outside the box. Perhaps playing vegetables as instruments doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, or better yet sack of potatoes, but it does remind us to look at what is possible out there in the world.

What if we chose wonder and possibility over cynicism and closed mindedness more often? What if we approached situations we tell ourselves we will hate with an open mind, ready to listen and find inspiration in some little part of the experiences?

We can wait to “be inspired” by the world around us, or we can actively search for and be awed by our experiences, it’s really a matter of perspective.

So, next time you take a wander through your produce section of choice take a moment to appreciate the potential and possibility around you, because one man’s pumpkin is always another man’s drum.

The Vegetable Orchestra in Concert…


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