Are you looking for some news that isn’t political, won’t raise your blood pressure, or make you want to hide under your blankets? Well, let us introduce you to a new place to get some better news into your life: The Brain Scoop.

I’ve noticed that science is one of the least reported on topics in the news, and on television in particular. Most of the time I learn about fascinating advancements in science months after they are released to the public, and I usually find them exclusively online. This can be super frustrating, particularly if you have had quite enough of the “normal” news and want to know more about the world.

Today, I want to introduce you to a great place to learn about what’s happening in the world of science. It’s an incredible resource for all of the curious minds in your life, including yourself!

You may remember some of the videos we’ve featured from the amazing Youtube channel The Brain Scoop. Well, now they have a new show, Natural News, that comes out every two weeks discussing some of the exciting scientific discoveries out there!

This fun show is something I look forward to, and I wanted to pass it on to all of you!

Here’s a little overview about the Natural News and The Brain Scoop‘s cool origins!

Check out Episode One!

This show is a lot of fun! And the first episode didn’t disappoint!

Really, I couldn’t wait for the second episode after seeing this one…

Behind the Scenes…

Okay, one more here.

All that stuff in the background of The Natural News has a fun history. To help you appreciate some of the incredible bits and pieces that help to give the show its fun vibe, here’s a little behind the scenes tour of the set!

At EWC we like to think of ourselves as curators of the incredible stuff that is out there on the web. I also like to think of us as a great place for our readers to find trusted, always interesting, resources to comb through on the internet.

The Brain Scoop certainly embodies those values, making them a fantastic place for curious people like you and me to explore!

Sure there is a lot of mindless stuff out here, but there is also a lot of great stuff in the clutter. The Brain Scoop is just one of many Youtube channels we frequently feature on Ever Widening Circles, others like Great Big Story, The Good Stuff, It’s Okay to Be Smart, and TED-Ed are all great places to find an abundant amount of well researched, smart, and engaging content on the web!

So, I hope that we gave you a little more insight into how EWC can become a resource for you hear something other than the “normal” news, and a few tips on where to find some great content that will leave you a little more curious and hopeful about the world!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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